Meet Sherri Conrardy, Account Manager & Solutions Director

October 07, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sherri Conrardy, Account Manager, ALLOut Security

Could you share a few details about the favourite part of your role at ALLOut Security?

Sherri Conrardy: Hi, I'm Sherry Conrardy with ALLOut Security I'm a Solutions Director here and I've been tasked with answering some questions for you. The first question is... What's my favourite role at ALLOut Security? I thought about it and... It's education and the reason it's education is it's unique when you're working for a company that they allow you to educate, not just about their products but about the whole arena around Security, Compliance and Audit. It doesn't have to be product driven. They allow me to do this locally! So I volunteered as a professor for the day at the local university, I can do it at a regional user group level and they allow me to give back at that and I'm volunteer as a board member there. I get to do it at the large national events and do educational sessions there! I get to do it internationally with the webinars and don't forget... I love the fact that they really allow me to do that with our clients too!

What do you like most about working at ALLOut Security in general?

Sherri Conrardy: I get to really listen to my prospects and customers and find real solutions that we have for them and I actually get to stay with prospects as they become our customers and I managed them year after year. So I've been with all out 10 years and I've been able to have my customers ALLOut customers for those 10 years. It really makes you feel like your family um within the ALLOut company itself we're a family. But with our customers... being able to walk with them through the process through audits, through their security remodels and get to know who they are sometimes about their kids or whatever else. It really makes you feel like a family... you're allowed to be honest and transparent like your family and that is my favourite part!

How do you feel yourself & other employees embody the mission of ALLOut Security?

Sherri Conrardy: So how do we embody our mission statement of Automate Streamline your Security, Compliance and Audit while staying in Standard JD Edwards and maximizing your ERP investment? That's a challenge. Our team really does embody that. When we think of an enhancement... we think of how can we do this and maximize what your employees already know and your investment in JD Edwards. And make sure that we stay in JD Edwards!

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