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August 09, 2021

Video Transcript

Please introduce yourself, and tell me what you love about the Hip Hook? (It's great if you're holding your Hip Hook in your hand!)

Mhm What's good? My name is James voters outside linebacker for the Chicago bears And I'm here today to give a short testimonials about a muscle release product that I've been using called the Hip hop. The hip hop is designed to release the iliac kiss or the illegal soas muscle which inserts in your back behind your abdominals and goes all the way through your abdominals adjacent to your hip fletcher's down your adductor chain and inserts again on the inside of your knee. For me personally, I'm a person that, through my entire career, I've had an issue with a slight pelvic tilt, slightly forward, pelvic tilt or in scientific terms, it's called more doses. It um creates unnecessary stress on number one. The iliac kiss um, can affect hip extension and uh glue stimulation and also can put unnecessary stress on the lower back. That's why I was so glad to hear about the product that I've been using recently called the Hip hop because it has a unique design specifically intended to release the iliac muscle, the best place to the best entry point to release the iliac as is in the muscle tissue that is on the inside of the pelvis. That is in places that are sometimes hard to reach with a foam roller or with a lacrosse ball or softball or something of that nature. So I began using the Hip hop, which has a very unique design specifically intended to get to those muscles. It has a anchor, made a medal that holds it in position and it has a curvature that is able to reach places that uh I've generally had a hard time, had a hard time getting to all you have to do to use it is lay on your stomach and on a soft surface or any services comfortable and just kind of position it on the pelvic bone uh and just kind of look for muscle tissue that is very responsive to pressure. And uh you should try and sit there for a minute and a half to two out for two minutes just to just to give that muscle the most the best opportunity to release. Um I do it while I'm watching television, I can read a book while I'm doing it and it just changes the way that I'm able to train, improves my muscle tension and improves my general posture on a day to day basis. And I really appreciate Christine cough, giving me the opportunity to give a testimonial on the product and I appreciate her um putting in all the work so that I can benefit in my athletic training and in my performance by having a product like this to use to, you know, do a unique job that I that I there's I think there's a large demand for so go check out the hip hook, I'm should be tagged in the caption and, you know, give it a try. I think it's I think it's a great product and, you know, Yeah.

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