Airway Stents Testimonial Videos

September 24, 2022

Hear what Suraj has to say about his experience with the Alaxo Soft Palate Stent.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Suraj p

Why did you purchase Airway Stents?

Suraj p: The reason I purchased the Stent was, back in 2012, I had sleep apnea. I went to the doctor, they did a sleep study. They found my AHI was like 30 plus. So they did recommend CPAP for me. I was not very complacent with that. I couldn't tolerate it. I tried for a week. I tried for a few years but I was not comfortable with it. So I was looking for constantly I was looking for years together. I was searching for an alternate therapy or alternate position. So I did try mandibular advancement device also known as MAD. It keeps your lower jaw. pulled forward when you're sleeping and it opens up the area for us. So I did try mandibular advancement device but that gave me 15 - 20% improvement in the sleep quality. But it was still there was a lot of scope for improvement. So that's when I bumped into and I heard about Alaxo's Stent. And I tried also in fact doctors had prescribed me like probably look relook at re engineering your airway with a little surgery but there was no surety that they would actually solve the problem. And in fact I did get something called uvulectomy, the surgery at the back of my throat and also partial to turbinates. So that was cleared up but still there was not at all in any way useful in helping my sleep apnea. With all of that in mind, I just thought I should try the Alaxo Stent.

How have Airway Stents helped you?

Suraj p: How have the Airway Stents helped me? So the simple answer is the next day morning when I wake up, I feel fresh. So there's no better answer or there's no better data than that. But I still I have been monitoring it. I use a Fitbit. So the Fitbit also says that my oxygen saturation is 96% and the deep sleeps are also long, so all of that together, I feel that it has been really helpful. The AHI's Have reduced to like one or two. I don't use this with combined with any other therapy, I just use the Stent. My AHI has come down significantly to maybe one or two. no apnea's. So it is definitely has benefited me.

Would you recommend Airway Stents to others?

Suraj p: would you recommend this Airway Stent to others? I would definitely recommend it. In fact I would say I would give this a try even before I try CPAP because the overall ease of using this, it just took me 15 days to get used to it. I tried it like first I tried for 15 minutes, then I tried it for 30 minutes, then 60 minutes and then I was just I got used to it. So the ease of carrying this, it is so lightweight that you just had to carry this two things. It is so so very easy and the kind of results that we have got. I feel that compared to any other therapy, I think you should give this a try before or some of you might use this in conjunction with other therapies. That's absolutely fine but you should just give it a try.

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