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June 25, 2021

Why using AIM will help you grow your business

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stefan Williams, CVO, Campaigntrack

AIM digital marketing for Real Estate has become essential, why?

Stefan Williams: Mhm. Well, let's start with the fact that we've got a lot of evidence now that shows that our clients who use I am actually improve their businesses and market share over time. And that's the best reason if you're an agent, from a vendors point of view, you know, you're casting the net wide, are you going beyond the ordinary? You know, I think you'll find most campaigns nowadays if you're not doing digital marketing and especially multi channel digital marking, like AIM are pretty much all of the same. So what differentiates you if you're using AIM that differentiates you. Because at the moment, not many agents actually use digital marketing at scale on every property and that's what you want to do folks be the leader. You'll get more listings.

What is multi-channel digital marketing and why do you recommend using it?

Stefan Williams: Yeah, it's hard to pick a winner when it comes to whether facebook is better than google for advertising or Visa versa. So our ideas don't pick a winner there both. Fabulous. They both do different things. You won't reach everybody through facebook, nor will you reach everybody through google advertising. We blend the two together. Every single aim product has both, and it's the best way to achieve maximum impact with the largest number of ads, the most number of clicks and importantly, the most number of inquiries only aim is going to give you this perfect blend.

Does AIM digital marketing help you get more listings?

Stefan Williams: Mhm. Absolutely. Think about this. If you use AIM for every listing, that's the money shot, Get your vendors to pay for it, they're happy to use it in every listing. You'll have so many ads social media and google ads being delivered in your local area. Over time, you're going to create a bigger impression. You're going to seem to have more mindshare just like back in the old days, if you had more ads in the newspaper, you got more callbacks, it's exactly the same thing. Except nowadays people expect you to do it digitally. If you use AIM at scale, your vendors will be happy. You will get more listings. Absolutely. It is one of the secret sources of our most successful clients.

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