Amy Drinkwater | The Dairy Real Estate Agency AIM Digital Marketing

June 24, 2021

Why Amy Drinkwater from The Dairy Real Estate uses AIM digital marketing to grow her business.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amy Drinkwater, Director | The Dairy Real Estate Agency

Why does Amy Drinkwater from The Dairy Real Estate Agency use AIM digital marketing?

Amy Drinkwater: I chose AIM for quite a few reasons. Um, one of them being, I was after a multi channel solution, so I wanted not just facebook, I wanted google as well. I wanted google search ads another thing that was really important is I didn't want to share my audience, so I wanted to create an exclusive remarketing, audience that was just for my office and just for my agents. Another key thing with AIM, it had to be easy to use. I need my team to be able to order AIM. I need it to be on brand and I need it to be to to deploy live, you know, within hours.

What challenges did you run into that AIM Digital Marketing helped you resolve?

Amy Drinkwater: Before I had AIM I had a few issues. I had agents doing lots of different things, so I had campaigns running all over the place. I had no way to sort of consolidate all that. I had no transparency with reporting, which is really important to vendors. and branding. It was really hard to keep all of my agents on track with their branding.

Why would you recommend working with AIM Digital to market homes?

Amy Drinkwater: Oh, you need to be using AIM to market your property because you need to cast the net as wide as you can. You want to reach people who are in market. So people who have the intent that they are going to buy property, you want to be showing your ads to those people. People these days are not going to wait till the Saturday paper comes out to start looking at property they're on their phone now, So it's important to get your listing in front of the buyer while they're online.

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