Agora Customer Testimonial: LiveTake

February 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chris Salisbury, Founder & CEO

Please introduce yourself. What does your company do?

Chris Salisbury: I'm Chris Salisbury I'm the Founder and CEO of LiveTake A little about the company We facilitate audio and video discussions between two users where an audience can tune in and vote on who they think is winning in real time. At the end of the discussion, we crown a winner or loser based on who gets more votes and everything is then tracked on each user's profile. We also have a feed for 'hot takes' where people can add polls for the community to vote on and see where everyone stands. And the cool thing about this is both your audio and video debates, plus your hot takes will all be tracked in a ledger on your profile to kind of solidify yourself in the sports community, gain a following and break into the industry

How are Agora's Real Time Engagement (RTE) solutions, like video, used in your product? How have your users benefited?

Chris Salisbury: Agora is real time engagement solution is really at the core of our products. So when users want to set up a live discussion and challenging opponent, they choose whether they want it to be an audio or video discussion. They can schedule the amount of time they want to debate for, and they can schedule it for now or later. Once that opponent accepts the challenge, then whether it's an audio or video debate, those two users will be speaking in front of a live audience who can both listen in and then vote on who they think is winning. We definitely could not power this sort of functionality without the help of Agora and their features.

Why did you decide to choose Agora as a vendor? What factors did you consider?

Chris Salisbury: We chose Agora because they have a great reputation in the audio and video community for startups. It was really easy to work with their support team and implement their features as we were building our products. They were flexible, provided different solutions for some of our more complex features we're really excited to be partnered with such a reputable company at this stage.

What has your business been able to achieve since using Agora's RTE products? What challenges has Agora helped your business solve?

Chris Salisbury: The main thing we've been able to achieve while working with Agora is to bring a polished, well functioning product to market. Our main features are the audio and video solutions within our app, and it really gives us peace of mind knowing we have such a great partner powering these feature, and they helped us with our complex solutions for our user base, which would have been much more difficult to build from scratch or solve ourselves. I think we're in a really good spot to rapidly grow and make a great first impression when people start downloading the app.

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