Patricia for Ageless Fitness Club Video Testimonials

September 13, 2023

Patricia 59 I've been training for years as always wanted to compete. Hear her story.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Patricia

What were your specific fitness goals when you started working with me, and how have you seen progress towards those goals?

Patricia: My pacific goal when I got started was to lose weight, body fat and one day be able soon be able to compete at the age of 60. Have I seen results? Oh, wow. Yes, I have. And I'm very pleased with them.

Can you share specific changes you've noticed in terms of your strength, endurance, or overall fitness level as a result of our training?

Patricia: My endurance and my strength is like, can I say off the chain? Um, I'm almost back to where I was seven years ago when I was, um, strength training each week, my strength and my endurance increase and I'm in loving the results of that.

How would you describe the training approach and mindset training that I bring to our sessions, and how has it improved to your fitness?

Patricia: My mindset for my training is not really physical. It's an overall mindset. Their training gets me to thinking more about me about how strong I am mentally and physically. If you are not thinking that way, it is very hard to train. So he gets into our mind and have us think father, oh, if you got a clear head, you could train well. So he gets us to have a clear head. Think about the things that is boing, bringing us down to make us train much better.

What sets my personal training services apart from others you've tried, and why would you recommend me to someone else?

Patricia: What sets you apart from all the other training I've had is that you Kia and once again, you think of the overall, the mental, the physical and you work with us on that, not just give us a workout program and say here you go or be there but not be there. And that's not you, you're totally there invested in us.

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