Jackie Markunas for Ageless Fitness Club Video Testimonials

September 14, 2023

Testimonial of Jacques experience with Ageless FFitness Club

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jackie Markunas, Testimonial

What were your specific fitness goals when you started working with me, and how have you seen progress towards those goals?

Jackie Markunas: My specific goals when I started working with coach were to gain strength, gain confidence, um gain mobility. And I've achieved those things. It's just the start and uh I'm doing more, I'm stronger, I'm faster, I'm motivated. I'm getting up, I'm getting out and I'm loving the process.

Can you share specific changes you've noticed in terms of your strength, endurance, or overall fitness level as a result of our training?

Jackie Markunas: Very specifically, I would say that um my endurance even in the work I'm putting in, in the gym, um I'm able to increase my weight, I'm able to increase my reps. I'm able to challenge myself. Um, pretty regularly. I can feel when I need to challenge myself. And that was um something that is becoming very natural and is uh an, an element of my progress. Um I know when I can push it and I do challenge myself, sometimes coach challenges me and sometimes when I'm in the groove and I'm feeling the momentum. I just keep going because I know I can and I don't want to stop.

How would you describe the training approach and mindset training that I bring to our sessions, and how has it improved to your fitness?

Jackie Markunas: What I love about your training approach is it is more like a life coach. We talk about things in life that will bring happiness, um satisfaction and um success in life. Um is so while we're working out and we're putting the work in, it's, it's definitely a, a good workout. Our focus isn't exactly that directly. It's talking about how this contributes to having the life that we want and doing the things that we wanna do. And that's been really key for me. Um not focusing exclusively on the fitness and not being restricted and punishing. Um It's all coming together in a way that's so positive and it's showing up in other areas of my life. I'm able to focus better on my goals. I'm doing a better job at work. I'm acting better in my relationships. It's definitely um had a positive impact on all areas of my life and that's the difference I think in coach address um approach to training.

What sets my personal training services apart from others you've tried, and why would you recommend me to someone else?

Jackie Markunas: I would definitely recommend you to somebody um for the approach that you take your understanding, your flexibility, which is really helpful for me. Uh especially in the beginning when all I need is a good excuse to not show up or not continue to go or say that it's too difficult to meet up or whatever it is. So you have a way of um being flexible without allowing excuses and that's a really tricky balance to maintain, but you seem to do it beautifully. And uh I think I look forward to our sessions because I can work out my physical um goals and activity. But then I can also focus on some of my mindset and changing my mindset and remaining positive is something that's um propelling me and keeping me going and keeping me engaged. And uh that's uh definitely um something different that I've not experienced with anybody else.

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