Shanna for Above & Beyond Awards

October 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shanna

Who are you nominating for an Above & Beyond Award and why does this team member deserve to be recognized?

Shanna: Hi everyone. I want to nominate Joel for an above and beyond award for all his work during breast cancer awareness month. He hasn't been with our team very long and he jumped right in with the planning for breast cancer awareness month. From the creative to making signs to ordering the posters to um doing all the social media for it. And he just jumped in and did whatever was needed to make this month's special and successful. Even the event planning for Zumba and for Rio he and for the breast cancer survivor event. He was right there planning every step of the way. I never had to worry that we were going to forget something because he was always on it and even capping off Zumba by getting up on the stage and doing some Zumba in front of a large group of women and he just was right there through it all and had fun with it and I really appreciated all his hard work and making this a really successful breast cancer month. So thank you, Joel.

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