Shanna for Above & Beyond Awards

October 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shanna

Who are you nominating for an Above & Beyond Award and why does this team member deserve to be recognized?

Shanna: Hi everybody. I have another above and Beyond nomination this time it's for Megan. Also for breast cancer awareness month. She was right there through all the planning of it, even pushing me to step outside my comfort zone for a different creative look and managing doctors and content and the planning of our breast cancer survive the event and Zumba event at RIO. And then following that, the very next week was a webinar and we didn't miss anything. Everything went smooth and that's all to her and her planning and making sure that everything was in order. And she even went above and beyond again by getting in the lake at at White Oak to rescue lanterns with Leah. And it just this month was really special with her being a part of it and I'm really glad that she's part of our team. So thank you Megan.

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