Lauren Lemm Fenton HighSchool Internship Testimonial Videos

November 26, 2022

Bensenville Fenton High School Career Internship Program AdvancedTech Phone Repair

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lauren Lemm

Could you describe how you work with AdvancedTech?

Lauren Lemm: My name is Lauren Lam. I'm a teacher at Fenton High School and we actually work with Advanced Tech and we have one of our students from our internship program who is going there to do their internship four days a week. It's been a really great experience so far for him, and he has learned a lot in just the last couple of weeks that he's been actually in his internship.

What has been one of the benefits of your work with AdvancedTech?

Lauren Lemm: If it wasn't for advanced tech, my student wouldn't have a placement for their IT. Experience for their internship, so we're extremely grateful for them, opening up their business to them and their knowledge to our students.

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