Sheila Morgan, Advanced Certification on Numbing + Buffering

September 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sheila Morgan, Relationship Coach

How did this certification uplevel your coaching?

Sheila Morgan: I find that a really common question that people ask me is okay. So how do I change my thoughts? They want to get out of that space and get feeling "better" and this just kinda helps slow that down, helps them see what's actually going on for them and that they can feel those emotions and be okay with it. So that's the biggest benefit for the coaching with my actual clients. But the thing that's happening that I'm noticing that's really been great for me is how I am with people who aren't my clients yet. I had a period of about a week and a half where I had four consults and first of all that's a big thing. I don't usually have that many consults at a time. But I sat with them and I really helped them feel their emotions like I didn't really coach them. But I would ask them more about how they were feeling. They'd share their problem with me and I'd say, yeah how does that feel? And get them talking to more about like the physical description of the emotion they're feeling and they would really feel the impact. And I booked two of those consults, they became clients. So like 50% conversion. That's pretty darn good. That's better than my conversion had been before. So that was really exciting. And I'm seeing how often now when I share things, how I lean into the emotional side of it and people are really responding to that. I gave a presentation last week. It was a five minute spotlight and it was just five minutes in a networking. It was with our local chamber. I had time to just talk about my business for five minutes. And so what I did was I shared with them the importance of emotions and why we avoid them what's going on with us. And I just moved people through that and I booked two consults out of that five minute call. So people are resonating with the whole idea of we don't have to avoid our emotions and all that crap that you're doing that you don't like that you're doing. You can't figure out why you can't stop, when you take a moment to really allow yourself to feel the emotions. That's when you find the power to change the things that you want to change. And that's showing up everywhere for me now. I'm finding it in my personal life. I'm finding it with my clients and I'm finding with people who aren't even clients yet and that's really powerful.

How did this certification change how you show up in your business?

Sheila Morgan: How I'm showing up in my business now is more authentically me. Instead of being constrained by how coaches are supposed to show up x, y, z. I'm showing up as Sheila, I'm showing up as a human being with emotions and with ideas and problems and pain and joy and all of the things and people are really relating to that. I used to show up as, oh, let me tell you what to do, here's here's what you should do and you should have a call with me and then hire me. Instead, I'm saying I can help you with that. Let's let's talk. Let's have a conversation about this. And I can allow people to really express what they're dealing with and I can be with that. And instead of trying to avoid those tough conversations, I can dive into them and allow myself to feel whatever I'm going to feel and notice and allow whatever is going on with them and not feel like I have to fix it really quick. Like that's what I would give quick advice. Like, oh, here's something that could help you instead. I see that this is an opportunity for me to really help them on a deeper level and having the willingness to take the risk of saying, why don't you book a call with me? Like let's get you on my calendar, let's talk. And it's been creating more consults, which is exciting.

What would you say to a coach considering this certification?

Sheila Morgan: I knew that what I needed to work on the most was myself and I got that. I got to look at all the different ways that I buffer, that I wasn't even aware that I was doing. I came into this thinking that I was too emotional and what I discovered was that I was not feeling my emotions. And then I would have an outburst or I would get real depressed or I would have some other big emotional event and I realized that they weren't authentic. They were just like a like a tea kettle releasing steam and I wasn't allowing myself to feel emotions on a regular basis like as part of my everyday experience, which I think is really important. Our emotions are how we experience the world. So if you're looking for a certification or a way to go deeper with emotions, I think that's the key. This program. I think this program is the key. It helped me see how inauthentic I was being and how badly humans need to feel. And how we are all just pushing it aside, pushing it aside. I don't want to deal with this right now. I'll deal with it later. And we're just really doing ourselves a disservice. There's no feeling emotions later. Like you feel it now or you're gonna explode later, right? We we want to avoid all the pain, avoid all the suffering. And yet somehow still feel good. It doesn't work that way. This certification, it's changed so much for me. I love myself more. I love my clients more and I cry more. But I also laugh. I mean, I can go from crying to laughing in a heartbeat and it's great. It's like I'm finally seeing all the colors. I'm feeling all the feels. And I'm seeing it already helping my business

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