Sarah Mattie Henderson, Advanced Certification on Numbing + Buffering

September 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sarah Mattie Henderson, Body Transformation Coach

How did this certification uplevel your coaching?

Sarah Mattie Henderson: The numbing and buffering advanced certification has completely transformed my coaching, not only of my clients but coaching myself. I have really learned how to create more neutrality and less judgment, working with the model and just in my thoughts in general. But really being able to understand how our judgment and shame and guilt around our thoughts and feelings transforms our experience and our results as well as our clients, it is a complete game-changer in coaching, and the advanced certification really showed me how to find compassion and curiosity and neutrality in everything that we do and think and feel.

How did this certification change how you show up in your business?

Sarah Mattie Henderson: I think as coaches it's so common for us to hold ourselves to a different standard than other humans. When in reality, of course, we're all just human. We all have human brains and brains gonna brain. And the amount of compassion that this certification helped me to realize and find not only for myself but for my clients and my business and how I approach my business and how I approach my clients and who I am as a coach, just every part of my life really, has allowed me to show up as I am without judgment. If I'm struggling one day I can allow that have compassion for myself and still help the people around me, still serve my clients and still show up for myself. And that enables me to show up for the people around me and my clients even more and to accept wherever they are, whether it's my clients or my family or the people around me or the world around me. It is really cannot be stated enough how this certification profoundly changed that for me.

What would you say to a coach considering this certification?

Sarah Mattie Henderson: If you're a coach considering this certification with Rachel Hart, I would 100% recommend it to any coach in any area. It doesn't matter what whether you help people with numbing and buffering because every human does it. And more importantly, I think it's really about avoiding ourselves, avoiding our experience. Yes, we numb and we buffer to do that, but all of us are trying to feel less discomfort. All of us have been taught to try and feel good more often. That good is better than bad, that comfortable is better than uncomfortable. That happy is better than sad. And this certification has really shown me that we are just in the experience that we're in. We just feel the way we feel and there's nothing to judge. And if we can just allow and accept and validate whatever the experience is in the moment it gets to be okay and it doesn't have to be a problem. And that's going to help any coach and really any human in any area of their life.

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