Jane Randell for Patient Stories

April 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jane Randell

Could you tell us about your experience with Northeast Periodontal Specialists?

Jane Randell: Hi I have been in a patient of Dr. Rafla's for several years. I have had a total of three implants done and it was probably the easiest experience I've ever had to do with dental work. I've had several procedures done along the way. Dr. Rafla will tell you exactly what you need what to expect during the procedure. He won't do any extra work that he doesn't need to do. So he's very trustworthy. He completely numbs you up. The assistance start coming up ahead of time he comes and gives you more numbing. So pain is not an issue and he continues to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure and tells you what to expect afterwards. There was minimal discomfort and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It's definitely worth saving your teeth. And he was recommended to me by a friend of mine whose husband had his complete mount gun and was very happy. So I would definitely recommend Dr. Rafla anytime you need anything done with the services that he provides.

Jane Randell: I've had three implants with Dr. and have had no issues. He is professional. He will tell you what to expect only do what is necessary. So he's very trustworthy. His office is completely professional. This staff is wonderful. I've never had any bad experiences in the office. I have had a lot of dental work done in the past and when I got to him I realized just how good his offices. I was referred to him by a friend that had her husband had his entire mouth done and they were completely satisfied. So I went and of course fearing that something might be painful that was not an issue at all. And he told me what to expect through the entire procedure and made sure I was comfortable and it really was pretty much a pleasant experience. There was minimal discomfort afterwards and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

What made you choose us for your periodontal care?

Jane Randell: I had had root canals done that failed and had an apecoectomy at a different office. And to the next step was to remove the tooth and get an implant. And when this came about, I had been referred to from a friend of mine who has, her husband has had excellent success with him. so I called the office and was very happy with everything.

What would you tell someone if they asked you if dental implants were worth it?

Jane Randell: If someone asked me if it was worth it to get an implant, my answer would be 100% yes. I feel like I have my own teeth. I know so many people that will pull a tooth and then the rest of your teeth move. I have invested so much money in my mouth with braces and saving my teeth. This was in my mind going to be the only option for me. It just feels like your own normal natural teeth.

How have dental implants changed your life?

Jane Randell: Getting my implants just put me back to where I had no pain in my molars, and my teeth are nice and straight. Nothing has moved in my mouth, and, it just makes me feel like I've got the best situation going on for teeth that had gone bad.

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