Share Your Story: Solutions Consultant - Grant Oyston

February 04, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Grant Oyston

What's your background?

Grant Oyston: Hi there, my name is Grant. I'm based out of Toronto, Canada and I've been with Ada for about seven months now as part of the solutions consulting team within the sales department.

What is the remote culture like at Ada?

Grant Oyston: It's been really great to have fun social events online. So we do things like playing games after team meetings, and we have a weekly coffee chat just to check in and kind of talk about non work stuff with my particular team, which is really nice as well. So there's lots of different things and opportunities to to get to know folks. And I'll say that one of the most exciting things about working remotely at Ada is the opportunity we have to work with people who are not based in our own city. So we've been hiring people all over the world now and certainly it's been really cool to get that opportunity to see the diversity and the breadth of experience that that we are able to bring into the company, because we we're a remote first company, bringing people in all over.

What qualities do people need to be successful here at Ada?

Grant Oyston: it takes to be successful at ADA, The biggest one I'd highlight is kind of open mindedness and an experimental mindset. Something that's really exciting about Ada is that we are still a relatively young company and we're growing really quickly, and what that means is there's a lot of appetite for experimentation. People are really willing to encourage you to take risks, try new approaches, see what works, see what doesn't work and learn from those lessons and share them widely. And that can be an awesome opportunity for personal growth and also professional growth.

What do you love about working at Ada, and being part of the Solutions Consulting team?

Grant Oyston: I think the best thing about working at Ada is your ability to have a big impact. Because we are a growing company, every person has the opportunity to change the course of the history of the company, so to speak. Every role, you have an opportunity to make a huge difference and to improve the way that we do business. And that's really, really fun and really exciting. And certainly within my team, the solutions consulting team, we're really tight knit, were really, really supportive and we really play together as one team. So if you have questions or concerns or you just need to brainstorm or bounce things off someone, the team is super open to getting on a quick zoom call or getting in a huddle and chatting through any issue that you're going through to see if there's a better way to do it.

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