[Ada Owner] Rafael Silva

December 06, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rafael Silva

What's your background?

Rafael Silva: Hi, my name is Rafael Silva. I'm currently based out of Calgary. I am on the Client Success team for our Enterprise segment and I've been at Ada for six months now.

What is the remote culture like at Ada?

Rafael Silva: The remote culture and actually the whole digital first strategy here at Ada I think has been really well thought out. I think they give us the tools that we need to be effective in our roles, but also give us the opportunities to connect with our fellow colleagues, which I think is really important now that we're in a digital first environment. In terms of the onboarding experience I felt really enabled with with resources and with exercises to make sure that I ramped up quickly and was able to have an impact within my role within a few short weeks of me being here which is great

What qualities do people need to be successful here at Ada?

Rafael Silva: I think there are two qualities that are important to being successful here at Ada. Being resourceful will be key as it allows you to find creative solutions to problems that might not have an answer readily available. The second is being comfortable with change. My team being relatively new is a great example of this change We're always making improvements and tweaks to make things better for our clients and that to me is one of the most exciting parts about working at Ada today.

What do you love about working at Ada, and being part of the Client Success team?

Rafael Silva: I think there are two sides of this answer, internally, the really exciting thing is being able to work with really talented individuals on a brand new team at Ada to solve tough problems and honestly make our team better for future members. On the client side, my team is responsible for being a strategic partner to our clients and helping them define what their client experience will be in the next year and really in the future, and in most cases we're impacting millions of people and how they interact with those brands that they love, and I think that's an extremely exciting position to be in.

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