[Ada Owner] Maria Kalintsis

December 06, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Maria Kalintsis

What's your background?

Maria Kalintsis: Hi, my name is Maria and I'm a Client Success Manager here at Ada. I'm located in Toronto Ontario, and I've been with Ada for just under a year now.

What is the remote culture like at Ada?

Maria Kalintsis: The remote culture at Ada is honestly pretty fantastic. I think right from the get go, they do an amazing job at onboarding remotely. When I started, I had a ton of resources available for me to kind of dig through and learn more about the company as well as the roles and on the Client Success team, there was actually a buddy system, so you're paired up with someone that kind of walks you through the day to day as well as really have that person is your go to for any questions, challenges that you might be encountering in your onboarding. That being said I think everybody on the team was just so helpful at the beginning, more than willing to lend a helping hand, put some time in the calendar to walk you through anything that you wanted a little bit more information on. I think even beyond the onboarding, that is something that really stays true to the Client Success team. At Ada, everyone's always willing to really help each other out, making sure that we're all successful in the role. So that's really what stuck out to me in the remote culture here at Ada

What qualities do people need to be successful here at Ada?

Maria Kalintsis: There are a couple of qualities that come to mind of what will really help you be successful here at Ada, one of the first qualities that come to mind is definitely problem solving, especially on the client success side. I think really being able to be creative on how we can help our clients reach their goals and objectives will really just help you with the long term success here at Ada. I think resilience is another great quality to really make it through those tough and challenging times and learning from them. And finally I think coachability is a really great quality. Something great here at Ada is that you're constantly receiving feedback on really how to better yourself and really be as successful as you can be in the role. So taking that feedback, applying it going forward, I think we'll really just helping your long term success here at Ada.

What do you love about working at Ada, and being part of the Client Success team?

Maria Kalintsis: What I really love about working at Ada and being on the Client Success team truly is a team that I work with. I think what stands out here really is the support that you feel from the Client Success team as well as across the organization to really see you be successful. The support that I received while being here at Ada is like no other that being said, your peers are always willing to help you out, but they're always willing to kind of hop on that quick virtual coffee, talk about the latest cookie recipe that you've made in the kitchen or just do a quick recap of the latest reality tv show. It really gives you the balance of both worlds and that's what I love about being here at Ada.

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