Recipe for Megalaunch

April 05, 2021

Ada Owners teach you how to make a megalaunch

Video Transcript

Speakers: Divya Katpally, Engineering & Development. Kareen Onyeaju, People Operations. Brian Nguyen, Business Development. Alana Hepburn, ACX. Aaron Spiro, Account Management. Salman Mohammed, Machine Learning. Jamie Bergmann, Solutions Consulting. Maggie Brennand, Product Marketing. Nick Crain, Demand Generation. Adam, Account Executives. Michael Chang, Product Management. Joon Suh, Finance. Ashton Williams, Revenue Enablement

How to Make a Megalaunch

A recipe by the People of Ada

Brian Nguyen: [slurp] It's raw! Needs more... client feedback asking to unify the customer experience by tying in sales, marketing support use cases to holistically scale the customer experience. [gets salty] [slurp] Delicious! Marvelous! Scrumptious! Yeah.

Aaron Spiro: In terms of what our chefs were able to add to the recipe, I'd say that we added a pinch of vision, a dash of testing and a heaving tablespoon of client feedback and anticipation.

Michael Chang: Hi. So the product team's contribution to the Ada Engage launch includes some 100 teaspoons of Gong recordings, another 20 tablespoons of client interviews, eight cups of product briefs, and I can't even keep track of the amount of talking to salespeople, SCs and other customer facing teams.

Divya Katpally: We added a cup of magic to the navigation menu, so you always know where you're at on the dashboard. The navigation itself is smooth and uniform between different pages. And we've added new features called Campaigns and Events as a new way to engage with customers proactively and to help you track customer actions within conversations.

Salman Mohammed: We took some ingredients from Ada's pantry - namely Conversations and Not Understood expressions - marinated it with coriander, cumin, chilli and turmeric. Slow cooked that for three months and what came out are some delicious end product, namely Training Insights, handoff transcript summarization and Conversation view summaries.

Joon Suh: The finance team contributed the following ingredients for this recipe. Seven servings of hardworking and dedicated individuals, a couple tablespoons of strategy and planning and a few dozen pounds of spreadsheets.

Kareen Onyeaju: We've hired dozens of lovely Ada owners.

Maggie Brennand: The product marketing team contributed a few ingredients ourselves, as well as the equipment to mix everything together and create a go-to-market launch.

Jamie Bergmann: Oh, hey there! I wanted to let you all know that SCs have been collecting requests from our prospects for the past couple of months and cooking up some really interesting experiments. Now the recipe is all ready to go, we're putting it on a plate and handing it back to our prospects so they can see all the unique ways that they can eat it!

Nick Crain: Demand Gen brings the juice to the cooking party. We got landing pages, ads going on LinkedIn, AdWords, Triblio. We're pushing it everywhere, pumping up the MQLs and pipeline.

Alana Hepburn: It has been so valuable for us to test and share these features with our clients to gather different flavours of real end user views to feed back to our product team. Really excited about what we've cooked up!

Ashton Williams: We're probably a bit of the early sifted ingredients for flour where something's passed through, where we got to comment and support, and also the cupcake tower, where it makes it easy for everyone to come, grab what they need and share the treat in the end.

Adam: Thank you to the entire team for all your hard work and probably what seems like Hell's Kitchen the past few months and weeks. The AEs have been the servers giving these dishes out to new customers and trying the new recipes out for the first time. And Chef Ramsay is quite proud and hasn't been too hard on us. The feedback is amazing, and we're so excited to to serve these dishes out to more and more customers.

Congratulations everyone on our biggest launch ever!

Ada - serving you product launch realness.

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