Chuyi shares her story

May 09, 2022

Chuyi shares her experience working in the engineering team at Ada

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chuyi, Back End Developer

Please introduce yourself! What's your name and role?

Chuyi: Hi everyone, my name is Chuyi, I'm now a back end developer at analytics and experienced team at Ada.

What do you love about working at Ada?

Chuyi: I love Ada's culture. I can see people show sympathy, kindness and gratefulness every day here and I love Ada holiday. We got unlimited PTO And a minimal vacation. That's the greatest thing you can have.

What do you love about being in Engineering at Ada?

Chuyi: I can see a lot of great minds here working at Ada and I feel myself growing a lot working with them. Besides, we have a lot of challenging projects that I can emerge and grow myself and achieve my best, which I love.

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