Allen shares his story

May 10, 2022

Allen shares his experience being in the engineering team at Ada.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Allen, Snr Front End Developer

Please introduce yourself! What's your name and role?

Allen: Hi, I'm Allen at Ada. I'm a front end engineer working on the builder tools application. It's the thing that builders use to build their bots with no code.

What do you love about working at Ada?

Allen: From the openness of the company at all levels of leadership, to the regular expression of gratitude that me and my fellow owners Ada owners indulge in. There's a lot to love about working for the company that exudes good feels. Who knew that was possible? They also have really high quality swag, which isn't for nothing.

What do you love about being in Engineering at Ada?

Allen: as an engineer at Ada, the amount of ownership you have over what you build is pretty, pretty fantastic. And the closeness you have to the people that use what you build is also nice because you know, they use it, which is like fun to know that the work you're doing is meaningful and impactful and and makes a difference in the day of the builders who then are able to, you know, better help their, their customers. I think probably my favorite part of being an engineer at Ada is the no blame culture. Hopefully you never find out. But, but when there's an incident that you've caused and, and it needs to be resolved, no one ever looks at you point the finger and yells, which is pretty special and, and very conducive to to a great environment where you know, all the good fields.

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