Heather Bryant for ACX Manager Spotlight

October 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Heather Bryant, Systems Admin, Intuit (Mailchimp)

How has your career evolved since you started working with Ada? Tell us your before and after.

Heather Bryant: When I started working with ADA, I was a rep with our customer service team, taking chats and emails with our users. This made me a subject matter expert and put me in the perfect position to help manage and write content for our bot. Um, at the time, I did about one day out of the queue, working on the boat until the time needed for it grew over time and we made a case that we needed a dedicated team. Now I'm a systems admin and I managed several of the tools that are that our support team uses, including ADA.

What do you enjoy most about your role? What skills are you using and learning?

Heather Bryant: I love problem solving. Our company is always developing new needs as it grows and finding a way for ADA to solve a problem is always a unique challenge. AdA has a lot of apps and tools that we can leverage Macgyver around and new and unique ways to serve our teams. I'm always growing in my mediocre skills with a P. I. And code, though in most cases, heavy lifting on that site isn't necessary. As Ada does most of the work, I find the most useful skill is being able to ask the right questions so I can get the right answers. But still, every time I figure out something difficult and it solves the problem, it's like the best day ever.

What advice do you have people looking to grow into an ACX Manager role?

Heather Bryant: When managing a chatbot, you're at this unique place where content and copy, meet systems and processes and neither is less important. Look for opportunities to grow in business systems and processes and communication. Learn about tone and voice and how to use less words to say more.

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