Annie Zheng for ACX Manager Spotlight

October 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Annie Zheng, Digital Tools and Platform Manager

How has your career evolved since you started working with Ada? Tell us your before and after.

Annie Zheng: I started my career at temper Sealy International by first being a digital customer experience and engagement associate on our e commerce team. So in that position I gained a ton of knowledge for our products and platforms that we use on a daily basis. Um Over time as we kind of transition our email platform into zendesk, I also transition into a supervisor role for the digital engagement team. So as a supervisor, I managed our chat platforms, our social media management platforms along with some of our associates, I was also tasked to find ways to improve our processes and to be more efficient and find opportunities to automate these processes when possible. So with that experience, um it kind of led me to ADA as I kind of began researching AI technology and transition to my current role, a digital tools and platform manager. As a tools manager. I focus my time on ADA and managing all of our zendesk bases for our team. I also continue to investigate and research areas of opportunity to better serve our customers and agents.

What do you enjoy most about your role? What skills are you using and learning?

Annie Zheng: I personally really enjoy working with our vendors so kind of taking Eight X as an example. Um Working with their team has personally been a really great experience for me. Um I feel like I'm learning something new every day about automation from ADA as well as even like platform management and other customer behaviors. Um I think one of the skills that I use the most is being a critical thinker. I believe that as a C. X. Manager you kind of have to conceptualize, apply and analyze all your information before putting a plan into action.

What advice do you have people looking to grow into an ACX Manager role?

Annie Zheng: I would say someone interested in this role would be able to quickly prototype AI solutions. That address is your company's top pain points and partner with innovators, vendors, communities to kind of add your solutions. I would also say the ability to stand up NBP frameworks to test solutions before fully investing. Um, and this person would be good at maintaining an innovative product roadmap and be able to effectively communicate their team's tactics to all levels of leadership.

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