ACME Constructors, Marketing Manager, Justin Adams

May 09, 2022

ACME Constructors' Marketing, Communication, & Brand Manager, Justin Adams; shares what it's been like working for ACME after his first 5 weeks in this employee testimonial.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Justin Adams, Marketing Manager

How long have you been with ACME and what lead you to your current role here ?

Justin Adams: So I've been with ACME for five weeks now, so still pretty green, a little wet behind the years, but it's been a great time I was brought here because of my marketing background. So I've been marketing for about 17, 18 years now, and ACME was

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at ACME Constructors ?

Justin Adams: My favorite part about ACME has probably been that everybody here has been extremely helpful and very nice. And it's very much a team atmosphere and a social one, a group of people that want everybody to be successful. And we're all working hard and kind of, everybody's working in the same direction, which is fun as a marketing person

What stands out to you about the culture at ACME Constructors ?

Justin Adams: It is very collaborative here at ACME, so everybody's trying to help each other out. If we have an issue with something, we can go to anybody. everybody's glad to help and everybody wants to see each other succeed, so, it's been really fun working in an environment where everybody is really excited and happy for you to be successful

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