August 30, 2022

Priscilla Opuni Biney - ACCPA Member Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Priscilla Opuni Biney, Head of HR

What is your name? What is your profession? Where are you based?

Priscilla Opuni Biney: Hello, my name is Priscilla Biney I'm an HR Practioner and I'm based in Ghana.

How did you hear about ACCPA? Did you know about ACCPA before joining?

Priscilla Opuni Biney: I heard about the ACCPPA on LinkedIn, later on they also sent me an email but prior to that I had never heard of them.

Why did you choose the ACCPA Certification?

Priscilla Opuni Biney: I settled on the ACCPA Certification because for me it was suited for the African market, which is something that I'm very passionate about In addition, they were affordable.

How much knowledge did you gain from your ACCPA certification course?

Priscilla Opuni Biney: Okay, so quite a lot of knowledge in the program okay relevant knowledge I could apply on the job.

Would you recommend the ACCPA Certification to other professionals?

Priscilla Opuni Biney: Absolutely, I would recommend the certification any day, anytime it's value for money.

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