August 29, 2022

Juliana Afia Acquaah - ACCPA Member Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Juliana Afia Acquaah, Head, Risk and Compliance

What is your name? What is your profession? Where are you based?

Juliana Afia Acquaah: Hi, my name is Juliana Afia Acquah. I am a risk and compliance professional based in Ghana.

How did you hear about ACCPA? Did you know about ACCPA before joining?

Juliana Afia Acquaah: I first heard of from some colleagues, and later received an email from ACCPA inviting me to join.

Why did you choose the ACCPA Certification?

Juliana Afia Acquaah: I chose ACCPA Certification because of its world class status, affordability, and flexibility.

How much knowledge did you gain from your ACCPA certification course?

Juliana Afia Acquaah: I gained a lot of knowledge in the money laundering certification course I enrolled in. The case studies and typologies were all situated in the African context. This made it very easy to understand.

Would you recommend the ACCPA Certification to other professionals?

Juliana Afia Acquaah: If you are a professional out there, looking forward to attain in-depth knowledge, and also boost your marketability, then I recommend ACCPA for you today. Join ACCPA and you'll be glad you did.

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