September 09, 2022

Iuri Khan - ACCPA Member Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Iuri Khan, Head of Compliance and Company Secretariat

What is your name? What is your profession? Where are you based?

Iuri Khan: Hello, my name is Iuri Khan. I'm Head of Compliance and Company Secretary here in ABSA Bank Mozambique, based in Mozambique.

How did you hear about ACCPA? Did you know about ACCPA before joining?

Iuri Khan: I heard about ACCPA through a colleague, in another bank, and then he sent by email all the details.

Why did you choose the ACCPA Certification?

Iuri Khan: I chose ACCPA for three reasons. Firstly, the affordability. It allowed me and my team to make the certification. Secondly, the fact that it was very user friendly, you know, an online certification that was easy to understand and to build on. And thirdly, because it was the first time that I saw a certification Africa-driven, so tailed by Africa for Africa.

How much knowledge did you gain from your ACCPA certification course?

Iuri Khan: I not only consolidated, but I gained a lot of knowledge from the ACCPA Certification. It made me a better professional, and it has been very useful since then

Would you recommend the ACCPA Certification to other professionals?

Iuri Khan: For those who are seeing this video do not hesitate, enroll in ACCPA Certification, you will see the benefits of it in your professional career

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