September 08, 2022

Diana Konadu Opoku - ACCPA Member Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Diana Konadu Opoku, Compliance Officer

What is your name? What is your profession? Where are you based?

Diana Konadu Opoku: Hi, my name is Diana Konadu Opoku, I'm a Compliance Officer and I'm based in Accra, Ghana in West Africa.

How did you hear about ACCPA? Did you know about ACCPA before joining?

Diana Konadu Opoku: I heard about ACCPA in 2018 through a discussion with one of my previous supervisors. We were talking about having a certification in AML Compliance and he mentioned ACCPA to me, so that was how I first heard about ACCPA And I didn't know about it until that discussion.

Why did you choose the ACCPA Certification?

Diana Konadu Opoku: I chose the ACCPA Certification because it was affordable. So during the time I was looking for the AML Compliance Certification, it was the most affordable certification that I found. Also, because it was easy to understand, based on feedback that I got from people that had taken the certification. It was these were the two reasons why I chose the ACCPA Certification.

How much knowledge did you gain from your ACCPA certification course?

Diana Konadu Opoku: I gained quite substantial knowledge from the certification course, and it helped me a lot in my line of work.

Would you recommend the ACCPA Certification to other professionals?

Diana Konadu Opoku: Yes, I would recommend the ACCPA certification to other professionals. If you're looking for an easy to understand manual, affordable, ACCPA certification is for you. ACCPA also offers different certifications for different professionals. So depending on your career path and your interest, there's an option for you So yes, I would recommend ACCPA certification to other professionals.

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