September 01, 2022

Chilombo Dorothy Sapele - ACCPA Member Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chilombo Dorothy Sapele, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer

What is your name? What is your profession? Where are you based?

Chilombo Dorothy Sapele: Hi, my name is Chilombo Dorothy Sapele and I'm a risk and compliance officer based in Lusaka, Zambia.

How did you hear about ACCPA? Did you know about ACCPA before joining?

Chilombo Dorothy Sapele: I heard about ACCPA through a colleague or let me say my regional manager at the time.

Why did you choose the ACCPA Certification?

Chilombo Dorothy Sapele: I chose ACCPA because it was very affordable and it appealed to me because its content was specifically designed for Africa.

How much knowledge did you gain from your ACCPA certification course?

Chilombo Dorothy Sapele: Before my ACCPA Certification, I didn't understand my role very well, and because I didn't understand my role very well, it became very difficult for me to perform my duties as required. But after my certification, I gained the knowledge and the confidence I needed to excel in my duties. I started out as an associate compliance officer. But now I am chief compliance and risk officer of an international money transfer company.

Would you recommend the ACCPA Certification to other professionals?

Chilombo Dorothy Sapele: I would most definitely recommend ACCPA to any professional who would like to broaden their knowledge, especially in the area of compliance and risk.

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