Shani Majer Testimonial Video

May 14, 2022

Shani Majer Founder and CEO of Will2click talks about her experience with A3logics

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shani Majer, CEO, Will2Click LLC

Could you describe how was your experience working with A3logics?

Shani Majer: Hi, I'm Shani Major, the founder and Ceo of Will2Click, and we were fortunate enough to partner with a 3logics through the development of the will to click app for IOS, one of the benefits of working with the a3logics team. Was there unending commitment, dedication and passion for working on this project, as well as their higher degree of sophistication and level of expertise as a non technical founder and as a solo founder, I completely relied um their support and their input, their guidance and advice on how to build a world class app. And I'm grateful for the experience of working with them.

Would you recommend A3logics ?

Shani Majer: I recommend frequently to the founders in my network to consider working with a3logics And the reason why I do that was when I initially started my uh, dev team search, I spoke to consulting CTO s or other dev shops. And what I found was that we didn't have the level of commitment or focus that I needed in order to get this project on time and under budget. That was not the case with a3logics Um, even prior to starting to work with them, they prepared a detailed proposal based on every screenshot and um, the hours that would take in order to release that. We worked together closely. Um, Sprint by Sprint in order to get out. This is the first release on time and on budget. And oftentimes people say with first time founders or that they're going to run into challenges both with a time and development issues. And I can say with my experience at working with a3logics that was not the case for me and I'm grateful, um, to have had the experience that I did.

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