Jinbae Kim: Why I Joined Wonolo

November 01, 2022

Meet Jinbae Kim, Director of Strategy at Wonolo

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jinbae Kim, Director of Strategy

Let's meet Jinbae!

Jinbae Kim: Hi, my name is Jinbae Kim I'm a Director of Strategy at Wonolo. I live in New York and I've been with the company for a year. Generally what I do is I help Wonolo make better, more informed decisions around organizational priorities and future growth strategies.

What events in your life have brought you to your current role today?

Jinbae Kim: I love to think, so I'm someone who uses an app and thinks, why aren't they doing X or Y to improve my user engagement, or I go into a restaurant and ask how they're able to charge your prices so low or how they can potentially have better operational efficiencies, and it doesn't make for a good dinner conversation, but it has made me love my role in strategy today.

What was the first thing that caught your eye about Wonolo? What made you decide to join?

Jinbae Kim: The first thing that caught my eye was the mission of the company. Wonolo was hyper focused on solving the needs of users, especially those workers who have been underserved by traditional offerings in the past. It is quite clear that the mission is very important to everyone in the company. And secondly, what was important for me was the people, I want to make sure the people I work with are people that I can connect with and hands down the best people are at Wonolo. When I - everyone that I interviewed with was amazing, I actually looked at the Glassdoor reviews and it was a 4.9 I was wondering how is that even possible? Well it is. I've learned that it is and it's it is really a conscious effort taken at Wonolo. So it starts from a Tao interview Tao is basically our cultural principles of being a Whammy and starts there with cultural interview with multiple people across the company. And then it's reinforced by our amazing People team that creates the foundations for Whammies to connect intentionally and thoughtfully in this remote world

What is one of your favorite memories at Wonolo?

Jinbae Kim: I don't have a single favorite memory of Wonolo, but just meeting and connected with other Whammies you know, at Camp Wonolo, our company offsite, just playing lawn games, sports, doing skits with a bunch of Whammies. We just went to a Strategy offsite in Disney where we ate all different types of food across Epcot. We had a Toronto Tech meet up where I was able to connect with incredible engineers and, you know, talk tech. And then we had a Leadership Directors Training led by Yong in Nashville and you know, karaoking after. Honestly, it's just the people. Again, it's every time I get to connect, and spend time with Whammies, it's always been amazing, amazing time.

Please finish this sentence: if you really knew me, you would know that ______ .

Jinbae Kim: If you knew me, you would know that I have lived in six countries so far. And this little fact about me has shaped who I am today, it has allowed me to be more understanding of other perspectives and be adaptable. And this is definitely translated into my passion for building new things that solve problems that need to be solved, and that is part of the reason why I am at Wonolo today.

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