Patrick H. - TN

December 26, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Patrick

Describe your mission trip experience in Nicaragua.

All I can say is this as a Missions Pastor here in West Tennessee. This is the easiest, most turnkey mission trip that you could ever ask for. Really and truly the team there at CCM, there in South Carolina along with the entire staff there you know in Nicaragua are superior to everyone that I've ever worked with. There is no stone, no stone that is not turned, everything is taken care of. Of course you're always gonna have the occasional hiccup whenever traveling internationally. But it was honestly, it was smooth as silk. Along with that, with it being the Christmas Trip that we were able to go on. This was the first time we were able to go overseas since 19. And so we had scheduled a trip for spring break of 2020 and of course Covid just wiped everyone out. So, so that was just crazy. But this is an opportunity if you have people in your church, people in your ministry who they don't really know what, what they're getting into. This is a great trip to introduce them to overseas missions. They'll see many different barrios where they can be involved if they sponsor Children through CCM, they can even get to meet those children face to face, which is life altering. As well as feeding the entire community, the entire barrios there. It was just a great trip honestly. It would even be a good trip for your active senior adults because there's not a lot of manual labor, there's a little bit, of course, you know, whenever you're delivering food bags and distributing those, but there's no quote heavy lifting, no real skills that you need other than a smiling face and a willing heart. And, it's, it's just a great trip to tell you the truth, man. CCM is top notch and can't wait to get to go back to Nicaragua this coming year for us to be able to serve there as well. So hey, this is the place you want to be.

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