Innovators RealTalk: sandbox.bio

April 04, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Robert Aboukhalil, Senior Software Engineer

Robert Aboukhalil: Hi, I'm Robert Aboukhalil. I'm a bioinformatics engineer, and I build software tools for scientists.

Robert Aboukhalil: So I recently created sandbox.bio, which is a web app that helps biologists level up their bioinformatics skills with interactive tutorials. Now, to be as useful as possible, these tutorials simulate the command line environment with web assembly. Using Workers lets me focus on building the app, not have to worry about infrastructure or scalability or cost, and I have access to great development and debugging tools, which means I can iterate quickly on the project. Another app I built on Workers is 42basepairs. Now this is a cloud platform for exploring genomics data. And although all genomic scientists rely on visual data exploration tools, called genome browsers, for the first time, 42basepairs now adds a layer of real-time collaboration to these tools similar to Google Docs. This collaboration feature was made possible by Cloudflare's Durable Objects feature, which lets me store and manage shared state in a very scalable way.

Robert Aboukhalil: Cloudflare Workers has made developing scalable web apps easier, more cost effective, and more fun.

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