Inside In2Risk 2022: Taking Charge of Your Own Career Trajectory

August 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Awais Farooq, SVP, Strategy & Transformation, Crawford & Company

Awais Farooq: Hi, I'm Awais Farooq and I'm excited to shape the future with you at In2Risk 2022 this November. I'm the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Transformation at Crawford & Company. I reside right outside of Philadelphia in a town called West Chester, Pennsylvania and I'm part of the Valley Forge CPCU Chapter.

Awais Farooq: Our session, Taking Charge of Your Own Career Trajectory, is about helping individuals recognize the value of self development and career improvement. This is going to help shape the future of our industry by helping individuals and organizations understand the value of self development and progressing forward.

Awais Farooq: The main audience for our session are going to be individuals that are highly motivated and talented who want to learn and understand how to progress forward at a fast paced environment. So individuals that want to make a difference within their team organizations and the industry but want a little bit of a guiding help on how they can do it quickly as they progress in their self development.

Awais Farooq: At In2Risk I am extremely excited about making a bigger network around people who are extremely talented as well as want to make a difference within our industry. So I'm looking forward to connecting and networking with you!

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