Inside In2Risk 2022: Case Studies in Parametric Insurance

August 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Kate Stillwell, President of Parametric Insurance, Neptune Flood

Kate Stillwell: Hello colleagues! My name is Kate Stillwell. I am the president of Parametric Insurance at Neptune Flood, formerly the founder of Jumpstart Parametric Insurance. And I'm so excited to be participating at In2Risk this November in San Francisco, my home turf. It is reliably one of the best weather months of the year. So be sure to bring your shades! I will be speaking on a panel on parametric insurance together with Andrew Klaus moderated by Dar Beachy. So be sure to come whether or not you're just learning about parametric for the first time. But especially for those of us who really understand parametric and have started to introduce parametric to our clients because at our session we're going to be taking a deep dive with some particular case studies about how you might apply parametric in your business. So this session is perfect for underwriters, for innovation leads, for folks at carriers who are considering expanding their introducing or expanding their parametric business. So we look forward to seeing you soon and take care until then!

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