Inside In2Risk 2022: The Kennedy Tragedies Through a Risk Management Lens

August 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Chris and Melissa Orrison

Hi, my name is Chris Orrison. I am a Senior Instructor at Geico Insurance Company and part-time faculty at Mercer University. I'm the Vice President of the middle Georgia CPCU Society chapter here in Macon, Georgia. I'm Melissa Orrison and I am a college English instructor. I'm currently taking a hiatus to raise our new baby, Jack. And I'm also a researcher of the Kennedy family. Our session is called The Kennedy Tragedies through a Risk Management Lens. And in this exciting session attendees will learn new vocabulary in risk management and they will learn to apply these concepts to examples from the Kennedy family, both familiar and not as familiar. The audience for our presentation can be anybody that realizes our industry is not just about insurance but about risk management. So anyone that wants to hone their risk management analysis skills, this will be a great session for them to attend. We are so excited about In2Risk. I think what we're most excited about is meeting new people, learning from other presentations and touring San Francisco. We'll see you there! Thank you. We look forward to it!

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