Inside In2Risk 2022: Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

August 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gregg Golson, VP - Program Director, JS Held LLC

Gregg Golson: Hi, I'm Gregg Golson, Vice President and Program Director of JS Held University at JS Held. I live in Fernandina Beach, Florida on Amelia Island. I'm part of the North Florida chapter.

Gregg Golson: What will attendees learn from our session on emotional intelligence? How about this? That employees with high EQs are favored 75% of the time for promotion over employees that even have higher IQs. Think about that a minute. If you want to get a promotion you need to attend our session!

Gregg Golson: So what are the two things I'm most excited about about In2Risk this year? Number one is getting to present with the most awesome Lisa Wilson. Number two would be being able to see my friends and colleagues face to face instead of having to do this Friday afternoon Zoom thing.

Gregg Golson: Talk to you soon!

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