Ryan Solar Tech Testimonial

March 14, 2023

Solar Tech Testimonial Deer Canyon

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ryan, Neighbor on Deer Canyon Pl

How was your experience working with us?

Ryan: Yeah, I just wanted to tell my neighbors about solar tech. Love them. They're the best they got here on time. They were clean. I'm really excited about solar and saving a bunch of money. Um, My guy, Gino, he did a fantastic job and explaining it all to us and we just, we would recommend solar tech to anybody. So if any of my neighbors see this. Um, yeah, I would recommend if you're gonna do solar, uh, do it with solar tech, make sure you call Gino.

Would you recommend us to your neighbors?

Ryan: Oh, yeah. I mean, I'm, I'm excited to save a bunch of money and I've been meaning to do this for years. I finally got around to putting the solar on and yeah, I hope my neighbors do it as well so they can save money.

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