Connie Hofmann, Director of Content Marketing

March 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Connie Hofmann, Director, Marketing Content, The Institutes

Why are testimonial videos important to your business?

Connie Hofmann: Video testimonials offer us a very unique and helpful way to reach our customers, and

Connie Hofmann: customers, and collect stories from those who have already experienced our learning products.

Connie Hofmann: This is not a typical learning experience, so it's really important that other students understand the value they get from our courses.

What are your impressions of Vocal Video so far?

Connie Hofmann: I found the instructions on getting up to speed to be very helpful. I also really appreciate the high level of customization that's available in the product. And we're looking forward to actually

Connie Hofmann: And we're looking forward to actually bringing some of our students in and having them record videos so we can really see the full value.

Connie Hofmann: really see the full value.

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