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We wanted a better way. So we built it.

Vocal Video is the only solution to combine collecting, editing and publishing in one, making it dead simple to create great testimonial videos.

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Video Collectors

Video Collectors

Capture video anywhere, anytime, from any device

Vocal Video collectors let your customers share their stories with you, how they want, when they want. All with a delightful interface that matches your brand.

  • Collect video or audio testimonials
  • Simply share a link to get responses
  • Nothing for you or your respondents to install
Creating Collectors

Easy Setup

See exactly what your respondents will see

Not sure what to ask? Use one of our 32 expert-crafted templates. Add a custom greeting & incentive, or simply use ours. We guide you through setup so it’s easy to put your best foot forward.

  • Personalize it with a video greeting
  • Ask your own questions or use a template
  • Offer custom incentives for responding
Draft Videos

Automatically Generated Videos

Get automagic videos with no effort

When you get a response, Vocal Video automatically generates a complete video with your logo, motion graphics, subtitles and scene transitions.

  • Branded with your color palette and logo
  • Preset motion graphics, animations, and scene transitions
  • Autogenerated subtitles from speech to text transcription

    See examples →

Video Editor

easiest video editor ever

Make it perfect in minutes

Trim clips. Change the format. Tweak colors. Add a new soundtrack. Customizing your video is fast and easy.

  • Give it personality with a preset theme
  • Edit subtitles instantly
  • Easily trim responses to the best parts
  • Choose from 33 included soundtracks or upload your own
audio responses

Audio & video responses

Mix audio & video responses

Sometimes people feel more comfortable recording audio than video. With Vocal Video, you can accept audio responses and publish them in engaging videos with audiograms and automatic onscreen subtitles.

audio responses

one-click publishing

Publish like a boss

Got it just right? Publish and share your video to drive higher conversion on your website, social media, email campaigns and more.

  • Publish in 1080p Square, Portrait and Landscape formats
  • Each video gets its own public URL for easy sharing
  • Embed videos and automatically generated transcripts on your site to boost SEO and conversion
  • Share your videos on social media to amplify your brand impact
“I would absolutely recommend that others try Vocal Video. It's so easy to use. It is very straightforward, and it takes a lot of the guesswork out of video editing, which is something that's not necessarily a strength that all of us are blessed with.”

Sarah Wong

Customer Success Fellow


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