One thing I take away from my relationship with Client Machines: Two things actually... wonderful people to work with, and don't do this at home! Couldn't be happier with Client Machines!
Randy Cashmore
Financial Consultant, Cashmore Financial
I'm already driving business because of those new relationships... I had no idea it would be so effective and so important for me and my business and my team.
Dan Williams
Certified Liability Advisor, C2 Financial Corporation
The goal of the videos was to educate people about reverse mortgages, to shorten the sales cycle, and help people understand how they work
Kevin A. Guttman
Reverse Mortgage Specialist & Senior Mortgage Broker at C2 Financial
Emails start coming in, and the phone starts ringing, and you know it's people who want to talk to you. And that's that's a good feeling.
Mychal Eagleson
President & Financial Planner at Teach Plan Retire
I discovered that they had a LinkedIn contact program that was second to none. I developed over 750 potential clients with their help... I just had to respond when we got a serious request for more information.
David Napier
Branch Manager, Reverse Loans