I would have never dared to just attempt drawing a person so that I think it was a surprise to me that it looks like a person!
If you want to learn to draw better, then I can't recommend Draw Awesome  highly enough.
...every week I amazed myself and I've loved everything that I've produced. You have no idea how happy  that makes me.
I've learned so much about value, proportion and perspective,  and knowing exactly what to do really does improve your work.
So I look back at stuff I was doing a year ago and I'm aware that my ability to observe, to interpret,  to understand what I need to do to make a task happen,  is so much better. So my art is better. And also I'm using mediums I wouldn't have used before... So I've totally fallen in love with working with coloured pencil.
Also I like learning the different media, such as the charcoal, pastel and  coloured pencil and applying it to  different subjects that I never would  have thought of doing before. 
I would highly recommend Draw Awesome and I think has really improved my drawing skills, my painting skills and everything and I think Phil is just a terrific teacher.
One thing I like about Draw Awesome - - it leads you to to try new mediums and one medium that I was introduced to was pastel pencils ...
...and I enjoyed  pastel pencil so much, I decided to do my own portrait  in pastel of one of my favourite actors. And Wow!  It turned out good! 
I have to say Draw Awesome has changed my life.  Literally! I will be always grateful to Phil for that.  Now, after almost  a year of Draw Awesome,  I take commissions! I have my art website and  I feel way more confident. It's just like magic I would say, but good technique with a good teacher. Thank you,  thank you Phil for that!