I would have never dared to just attempt drawing a person so that I think it was a surprise to me that it looks like a person!
I am enjoying this course in large part due to Phil's manner of teaching and his style. I think he does an excellent job.
So I look back at stuff I was doing a year ago and I'm aware that my ability to observe, to interpret,  to understand what I need to do to make a task happen,  is so much better. So my art is better. And also I'm using mediums I wouldn't have used before... So I've totally fallen in love with working with coloured pencil.
I've learned so much about value, proportion and perspective,  and knowing exactly what to do really does improve your work.
...every week I amazed myself and I've loved everything that I've produced. You have no idea how happy  that makes me.
I have to say Draw Awesome has changed my life.  Literally! I will be always grateful to Phil for that.  Now, after almost  a year of Draw Awesome,  I take commissions! I have my art website and  I feel way more confident. It's just like magic I would say, but good technique with a good teacher. Thank you,  thank you Phil for that!
And my improvements just been so massive that my family all comment all the time how good I am.
I feel my art really has improved since doing the Draw Awesome course. And so much so, that I've had commissions to do for family and friends, which is an enormous confidence booster.
I cannot stress enough how well Draw Awesome has been designed and organized. The teaching methods are just fabulous and Phil's technique is done so well that I am impressed with every single lesson...
I really can't think of anything I'm not really enjoying about Draw Awesome.
So I have done hands that look like hands. They are not perfect, but they look like hands. And I have done three portraits, the Bubble Girl the man with a cigarette and my father - and I did three figures! The musicians - that I never imagined I could be able to do that.
If you want to learn to draw better, then I can't recommend Draw Awesome  highly enough.
I would highly recommend Draw Awesome and I think has really improved my drawing skills, my painting skills and everything and I think Phil is just a terrific teacher.
Here are three pictures I did with Draw Awesome. This one is watercolour and ink. This one is Pastel Pencil, and this little puppy is in graphite. All of these, they were challenging and I received such excellent instruction that I was pleased with the results.
Also I like learning the different media, such as the charcoal, pastel and  coloured pencil and applying it to  different subjects that I never would  have thought of doing before. 
 I just think that I can't believe how far I've come  in such a short time... ...and that I'm very pleased with my progress.
What I like most about this Course is the fact that there are lessons to follow,  challenges, reference pictures, well worth  the value.
I've tried doing painting and drawing in the past. But to be honest with you I've been absolutely awful at it. I cannot draw -  well I could not draw. I can draw now!
...the initial projects look very challenging, but they're broken down into easy, understandable stages and you're never actually overwhelmed by it.
What I like most about Draw Awesome is that Phil takes us by the hand and  - shows us every step. He's never patronising. He's always kind and he just goes step by step and understands the difficulties we might be having.
I do like the step to step explanations that Phil explains how to do it. I also like that now, gradually, we are getting away from only following his instructions and we are left to do some of the parts ourselves.
It's the instruction and the format and the fact that it's like having one-on-one instruction right there right there with you. And it is so well explained and demonstrated, that it it makes it easy to follow. I like the fact that you can work at your own pace.
I've watched other instructors,  but Phil went right back to basics and it doesn't leave you. You know how to structure your work almost from the beginning and I'm  very, very grateful.
One thing I like about Draw Awesome - - it leads you to to try new mediums and one medium that I was introduced to was pastel pencils ...
...and I enjoyed  pastel pencil so much, I decided to do my own portrait  in pastel of one of my favourite actors. And Wow!  It turned out good! 
You can have no experience at all and Phil will take you through right from the beginning, learning what to do and how to do it. Yes, I recommend it. 
And it's all right  being able to be a good artist. But if you can teach other people to be good artists  and to find their inner artist, I think  it's blown me away!
The thing that makes Draw Awesome so unique is that the learning is delivered in bite sized chunks that you can absorb, take in and then apply immediately.
...I get really excited about the next projects and I love sharing it with my other artist friends and they love seeing all the new work.
One of the things I like a lot about the classes, how there's a group of people doing the same work and  you learn from each other... so there's a real camaraderie with the people who are learning alongside. 
I would definitely recommend Draw Awesome to anybody. I do recommend it. I find it affordable.  You follow at your own pace, which is important for me because  I do work and I've got a lot of other things that I'm doing as well.
What I like about Draw Awesome is that it's so well planned. Yeah, from the individual lessons to the whole progression through the Course and that we get to use so many different media's and some you know from before, others you haven't used at all or not very much.
Sometimes I've looked at what we're going  to do and think "I'll never do that!"  But with Phil's careful guidance, I've done it and I've been really pleased with what I've done and best of all, it's given me so many more tools in my box that I can approach other things with a lot more confidence.
Having nearly finished the  Draw Awesome course, I have now got a lot more confidence in what I do. I get a lot of good comments about about my art now. 
 It's the best approach that that I think I could have found anywhere. I'm very happy with what I've learned. I'm very happy with Phil as a teacher and it has been well worth it in  every way since I joined last Spring.
...I wanted to expand my abilities into actually drawing without tracing. And I accomplished that - I've very much enjoyed learning different mediums.  Love graphite... ...found I enjoy charcoal and  pastel pencils.
You've taught me different techniques that I didn't even know about before, like the enveloping method and  various other things. And the tuition is very detailed because you can see everything  you do - there's lots of things to  say why I like it so much.
So I've taken a few online drawing and painting courses and I think Phil is one of the best online art teachers that I have found.  His lessons are very well organized, very systematic - things are very progressive.
I welcome the new module every time it comes out and the other artists who are part of Draw Awesome are  a very supportive group.
The way Phil explains things, it's so easy to understand. He has various techniques that no other art class I've taken, have they mentioned any of these approaches and it is just a  total game changer for me.
And it's very good, I think, for making somebody think about things, have patience, actually try to construct something and then have people look at it and say,  "That was good Liam!" Thank you.
I've used media I would never, ever have entertained before and I found that I can actually draw now with Phil's help on these courses. 
Yeah, I definitely recommend it to other people and I found that my skills and my attitude towards drawing is so much better, I feel far more confident. Excellent!
Friends and family have looked at my sketchbook and just commented on how much is done and done well,  that it really feels like a sense of accomplishment and a sense of improvement.
I really like how thorough Draw Awesome is.  We cover each medium for several weeks and so you can really get a feel for it. 
Certainly, taking these courses online has been a life-saver for me because I'm not as mobile as I used to be and it keeps me very active.
A lot of times, artist teachers really kind of miss the boat on how you get from A to B and Phil does just a superb job of of actually teaching you and leading you through the steps to come out with a very  accomplished final product.
 It's a step by step guidance and  he even helps with the technology downloading and it's easy instructions to follow and I look forward to each week  and each challenge.
...they are some of the most difficult subject matter that I would never have touched before and my confidence is so much better now that I know that these things that I thought were impossible, are possible...
There is quite a commitment to the Course, but I think that that's a good thing because, without it, you're not going to have that discipline to get down and spend that time doing it and it's well worth it. Absolutely well worth it. 
Yeah, I think it's a really good learning process and I could quite see myself going  through the whole thing and then  starting it again, just to go back  and see how I've improved from when I first started!
 I feel that my art skills have greatly improved, especially in those mediums like  coloured pencil and pastel pencil that I avoided before and of course watercolour. And watercolour and ink that now I love very much!
 I think one of the most difficult things if you're trying to do it,  just on your own, is looking at a blank  sheet of paper and not knowing where to start. Well, after doing this, you do know where to start! 
I have to tell you that I've given up all of my other activities and that I shouldn't be saying that because the art has become my most favourite hobby. It's taken all the stress out of my life and  given me so much joy. I just go in my office and close the door.  And it's like I am a million miles away from everything because I enjoy it so much.
I'm so pleased with my progress. After having only worked with Draw Awesome  for about three months now, it's so nice to be able to draw along with Phil and to be able to stop and start when I want to. I think my skills have increased a lot.
I would say that Draw Awesome has been amazing for my development as a budding hobby artist. I followed Phil's steps to a T when I was drawing and I was super-impressed with some of his tips that he gave.

Oh my gosh, there's so many things I like about Draw Awesome -  mostly is the constant reminder that  it's okay to make mistakes. It's okay and even Phil will point out what he thinks is a mistake and at the end when he's finished his drawing or his sketch or whatever, Mmm... ...you don't see that mistake! 
One of the best things is the - not only the quality of the instruction - but the encouragement that you get from everybody else who's taking part. I would thoroughly recommend Draw Awesome.
 I've had exposure to a lot more than just drawing with pencil, which is what I thought  I would be doing. And we've done ink and we've done pastel and charcoal and we've done wash and ink and now coloured pencil. And it's been very enjoyable!
...I think Phil is a natural teacher and he walks you through each project, step by step. So by the time you're done, you feel you could do it again on your own  So it's a real help.
Quite a lot of time, I think there's no way I'm going to manage this week's project. It just looks far too ambitious. But week after week I do! I get good results and when I look at other people's work, I see that they're managing the  same as well. The teaching really is so good, so clear and very attainable for anyone.
It's really become my joy finding time to draw, learning how to do these skills from Phil.  He's been wonderful and everyone I see, I tell about the Class.  I think it's just fabulous. I really think anybody could learn. It's a lot of fun and it's great to see what the other students  are doing too.
And then besides drawing, we also are learning charcoal, watercolours, coloured pencils...  There are many modules to this Course, all of which have new concepts that are being added and are building on the foundation that is teaching in each of the modules. So it's a thrilling Course and  you'll see your improvements overnight!
People have commented on how much my drawing has improved and I look forward  to new projects now. I also have been able to venture outside and draw, with Phil's encouragement, to do urban sketching, which was totally a mystery to me before. But now I'm happy to venture out into my local neighbourhood  and start sketching.
What I really like about Draw Awesome is the fact that I can break whenever I need to and get back to it. And I can put as much time into drawing as I want to, or as little as I want to.  But Phil is always there in a recorded -  - pre-recorded fashion, so I can always get back into the groove, no matter how much time has passed in between the session where I left off and when I jumped back in. I really enjoy it!