You'll love it. You gotta go,
Krista Swiss
I always knew who my competition was, but convention allowed me to know who they actually were.... we're now friendly competitors.
Gabriel Trinidad
Lighting Inc.
The table talk was amazing at lunchtime, getting to have all that different perspective from distribution, reps, manufacturers. That was really my biggest takeaway
Dawn Howard
Ferguson Enterprises
I think of everyone who comes to ALA as a family member and it's a great opportunity to see them all again.
Leigha Lugo
Light Era Studios
I've been going to conference for about 12 years straight. 
Matt Hulett
Spectrum Hulett Group
I have attended many of these conferences. I'm going to Lake Tahoe. Are you?
Karen Engle
Old Dominion Lighting
The Women in Lighting Committee will be there!
I come to conference for - obviously - the education and the seminars, but more importantly for the networking opportunities.
Kris Quackenbush
The Carlson Group
My favorite story that I will tell a million times - my very first Conference... 
Michelle Plumley
Lee Lighting
You get to meet peers and networking and it's wonderful. And you get to go to cool places.
Chad Teiber
Teiber & Company
I've met new vendors, I've met new customers, I've met new sales reps. They're great for business and ALA always puts together a top notch conference.
Brandon Levin
President, Justice Design Group
... we actually had one of the best, most honest conversations about things that we both wanted to think about for the industry, 
Kellee Hollenback Hammond
Those who rode the bull just absolutely made the entire event.
Katie Grandel
Director of Conferences
Year after year, I see bright new faces and old faces and it's always great, just to network with the friends and family of the industry.
Wendy Jones
VP of Finance, ALA
I have made lifelong friends at the conference that I can rely on both personally and professionally. 
Raelle Bell
Director of Marketing
I love getting re-acquainted with everybody that that we work with all year long.
Amy Wommack
Manager of Communications, ALA
For me, meeting people at conference and having meaningful conversations with them definitely helps me remember them and cherish those moments. 
Jack Grandel
Director of Membership
There's really no alternative for spending 18 hours a day with ALA members.
Liz Ware
Program Manager