The attributes of a successful field sales consultant at Sunrun include passion and grit. If you care about our mission to create a planet run by the sun with positive persistence and curiosity, you can change your life
Regional Sales Manager
What gets me excited to come to work every day just knowing that I work with most amazing, positive, inspiring, like minded people every day. 
Inside Sales Consultant
There are just so many things that Sunrun offers that no other employer has offered me before and it's simply the winning culture.
Solar Sales Advisor
There's not a lot of companies that are in the mindset of continuously wanting to have their employees get better and and move on right? 
Additional Systems Advisor
And they helped me to be more positive and I really credit again, like all of the success that I've seen at Sunrun to my previous supervisors, because they're the ones who really helped me to come out of my shell and to become the advisor that I really wanted to be at Sunrun
Solar Sales Advisor
I would say that Sunrun helped me grow professionally, mostly just by totally taking me out of my comfort zone. Like this was a job. I had never done anything like this before.
Solar Sales Advisor