I’m able to show up in my business with so much more confidence because I’m coaching myself at a higher level. If you have a deep desire to help your clients, you have to step forward and do this work yourself first. That’s what I did, and it was mind-blowing.
Jennifer Dent Brown
Weight Loss Coach
I’m showing up in my business in a way that is more authentically me. I came into this thinking I was too emotional and what I discovered was that I wasn’t feeling my emotions. I love myself more. I laugh more. Plus, my conversions are better than they had been before and that’s really exciting.
Sheila Morgan
Relationship Coach
I approach myself, my business, and my clients with so much more curiosity and compassion. I would 100% recommend this certification to any coach in any area. 
Sarah Mattie Henderson
Body Transformation Coach
I have way more fun in my business and am allowing myself to be 100% myself. This certification will be one of the best things you do for yourself and your clients. 
Debi Talbert
Overdrinking Coach
I have so much more energy for my day, my business, and for my clients because I know now how to be present in my body. This certification is worth every penny. 
Susan L.
Neurodiversity Coach
I learned how to question things in ways I hadn’t even considered before. I came to realize I am the authority for myself and my business. I get to make it really fun and I don’t have to follow someone else’s manual or be a perfectionist. 
Natasha Tekeste
Money Mindset Coach
The training took the thought work that I’ve been studying for a much deeper level. It has enabled me to understand myself in a way that I didn’t know was possible. I am grateful for the teachings and grateful to myself for having made the investment. 
Genevieve Freeman
Time Management Coach