I learned so much through this experience with him. He's super responsive, he's helpful, he gives little tips and tricks, he fixes form anything that you could possibly need in your training experience, he will give you that and beyond.
Sydney Parra
I needed somebody that understood fitness as a system. Rob is very knowledgeable about nutrition, providing the right exercises to do and promoting recovery and sleep.
I don't need to be in the gym every day for hours a day. It's only, you know, a few hours a week and I look better than ever.
Charlie Maskell
Hi, I'm Robin. I've been working out with Robert for a couple of months now. Um, the reason I started going to Robert...
Robin Meyer
So I can't say enough, it's been great. I love working out with rob and you know, I look forward to many more workouts.
Jamie Salazar
He keeps it interesting. The workouts are different every day and I really feel like it's it's giving me some great results and I would recommend them to anyone.
It's Jeff from Baltimore, a 44 year old guy, brand new to weightlifting. But after only a few months with Rob, I've alread...
Jeff Lukeski
I've lost 20lbs working out with Rob and I've been able to grow and get a better understanding of fitness
Jeff Sikala
Hello, My name is Clara and uh I first started working out with rob. Um have been health and fitness around this summ...
Some of the nutrition recommendations that he's given me the workout recommendations, it is just part of my lifestyle now.
Leila Doumanis
Every year I get stronger and feel better, I can't thank him enough.