And since working with Amy, not only have I had more outreaches than ever before, but it's honestly taken the guess, work out of marketing.
I was really struggling and I felt like giving up. She helped me create a system, a beautiful website and taught me how to be the practice owner that I am today. was just such an incredible experience because I've worked with many, many, many other business coaches, other systems and never got results.
Courtney Kinnett-Hooper
Functional Nutrition Practitioner
I would absolutely say if you are a practitioner who is looking to focus on a cash-based practice, Amy is your girl.
Delee D'Arcy
Owner / Marriage & Family Therapist
I can't say enough about the results after working with the lazy therapist...and uh the proof is in the pudding.
Jamie Harris
Hello, my name is uh Richard Fitzpatrick, a phd and I am a clinical psychologist. I have been uh out of practice for ...
Now, I have a full load...I would absolutely recommend this program.
Emma Huber