Blessing is like my content, Sherpa! She always figures out how to pull apart what's happening inside of my brain and get it into clear words. I love working with Blessing because she helps sort all of those things out when I'm stuck in my own head.
Erika Klics
Job Search Strategist
The overall experience was like 20 out of 10. The framework that Blessing uses is actually really great. She makes sure that you feel heard and that really captures your voice and your brand. 
Wandi Ruiz
Business Coach
I lacked a little bit of clarity on how to market my business and be more effective. Blessing really helped me create more of a structure as to how I market my business. 
Tonya Iverson
Fitness Coach
We spent time understanding the pain points, desires, and objections of my ideal client so that I could make sure that my copy speaks to my audience.
Breanne Thompson
Airbnb Superhost