Five stars as far as how they are to deal with how they operate, how they handle questions concerns. 
Kyle Conrad
Project Manager
I have been experimenting for two years with the salt type two which has magnesium chloride and molasses in it. And I cut my sand out completely, which is now saving me a lot of money and time for the spring cleanup.
Richard Othmer
Highway Superintendent
We've dramatically changed the way we de ice our roadways here within our township. And both the products that Innovative offer and the staff support  have been extremely helpful and brought us a very long way in the way we do our business.
Gary Thorington
Superintendent of Highways
I can tell you it's, it's like night and day, not having it and then having it,  it makes your process so much more efficient. It's gonna, it will save us money in the long run because it, it works so well.
Alan Van Wormer
Highway Superintendent
So we just had an ice and snowstorm this week. We used the ProMelt liquids with our salt program and our Sand Salt program. It worked very good because it broke the bond between the ice and the snow that we had. We had multiple ice events in a day and a very heavy wet snow. And every time we went back out to clear the product, it was not bonded to the road and it cleared up really well and, you know, made the cleanup a lot simpler for this storm.
Joseph van Holsteyn
Highway Superintendent