For a home sleep test study, I definitely would recommend them. Way easier than going into a lab or facility. was really easy for me. They sent me everything I needed promptly in the package. Nothing was missing. All the instructions were clear. It made it really easy to just get my sleep test done in the two-night study.
I would absolutely recommend SleepTest to others. In fact, I have. I never knew that it was available through my dental provider. I looked at it in the past using my medical insurance and it was just a very cumbersome process and I didn't want to sleep in another environment outside of my own bed.
The people involved in the process were very informative and very concise in the process. Doctors were to the point and didn't waste any of my time, and the process of the delivery was rather quick.
I picked to do my home sleep test because it was very easy to use. I looked at their website, it was great and I actually spoke to someone who gave me some pointers on how to do the test and it was just easy. 
I'd say my overall experience with the sleep test was great. It was very easy to use. You guys sent it to me within a couple of days. I had no issues with it at all.
My overall experience with was great. Easy to make an appointment, quick and easy to talk to the doctors to set up the test, return the test and set up the appointment. Quick and easy to get the results. 
I would absolutely recommend to have your sleep test done,  first of all, because you get to do it at home in the comfort of your own home, in your own jammies. was extremely easy to use. The items come in a box through the mail along with a pamphlet that's detailed but extremely easy to follow.
Yes, this was a very good company to get a sleep test from. I've done several before. They had good follow-ups with the doctor before and after. 
I would recommend the sleep test from simply because it's of its ease of use and it's comfort within the home, and the directions were simple enough that I could follow them. 
I would definitely recommend In fact, I've already got my husband um lined up to take a test as well.
So far, my experience has been real good with the sleep test because the test went fine. 
My overall experience was super easy. Everything was shipped. I had tracking information that told me when it was going to come. The instructions were really easy. It was easy to set everything up.
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My overall experience with was wonderful. They mailed me the sleep study equipment. I slept in my own bed, and it was just really nice compared to going into a hospital and doing the hospital test. Thank you.
Definitely, I would recommend this test to everyone who has the same Hello. I really recommend this test because prob...
I would recommend SleepTest to others it was very easy to do and um it was nice to be able to do it .. at home.
I got a sleep test done because I thought it was a good experience. I would recommend to It was easy, u...